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Time and Memory Dovetail

Didn't sleep very well last night--it was my own fault for having a big margarita and then trying to get to sleep an hour and half early to be up in time for a chess tournament in Second Life. I placed my usual ninth, though, for which I thank coffee. I had black coffee for the first time in weeks--trying to cut down on caffeine lately, I finally relented to-day after about a week of perpetual fogginess.

While in the embrace of tequila last night, I watched all three parts of the Doctor Who serial "Delta and the Bannermen". Alcohol oddly makes me feel like a kid again, and watching the show recorded in 1987 I felt like I might have been in my childhood bedroom, in front of that old fashioned, one way bit of electronic entertainment. Of course, I'd never even heard of Doctor Who in 1987, but apparent efforts by producers to make the show more current made "Delta and the Bannermen", as well as the preceding serial "Paradise Towers", feel very much like products of their time, particularly in the synthesised soundtracks and these cheesy but sort of hot all female gangs of "Kangs";

I love the bamboo handle umbrella the Doctor has for apparently only one serial--it's replaced in the next serial by one with a more fragile looking question mark shaped handle. It was too bad--even before the bamboo handle umbrella, I was thinking there was something Chaplin-esque about McCoy's performance. His hat and face also recall Emmett Kelly. It's interesting how well McCoy seems to be succeeding where Colin Baker failed in terms of a somewhat clown-ish Doctor. McCoy seems to have more of a real background in the type of performance while Colin Baker seemed to be doing an amateur's imitation.

The chess tournament to-day was at some sort of art sim. Here're a few pics of my av wandering around the place, wearing an outfit from Vita's Boudoir;

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