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Not Gigantic

The orange spiders are getting bigger. The largest are about the size of a penny now. I'm looking forward to watching them grow over the summer--there are five I know of who rebuild their webs in the same places every day between five and six in the afternoon and remain in business throughout the night.

I've watched two Doctor Who serials since I last talked about the show here--"Remembrance of the Daleks" and "The Happiness Patrol", both of which I thought were very good. "Remembrance of the Daleks" had some of the best action sequences of the show so far--Jon Pertwee was a good physical actor for fight scenes, but the show never had the kind of effective action editing "Remembrance" has. I loved watching Ace rushing about the school beating Daleks with a baseball bat.

According to the Wikipedia entry, Ace makes a reference to the Pixies' song "Gigantic" in "The Happiness Patrol". If that's the case, I completely missed it. I did hear her reference a song about a woman getting hit by a train as she tried to retrieve a wedding ring on the railway track which sounded familiar to me--I feel like it's a real song that I've heard somewhere, but it's not "Gigantic". Otherwise, I liked the whole anti-Margaret Thatcher bent of "Happiness Patrol" and the Kandy Man turned out to be a surprisingly effectively creepy villain.

Twitter Sonnet #270

The world's filled with invisible children.
Sue Storm slept with the Shadow by mistake.
Ideas swarm like myths of Tippi Hedren.
Snow frosts the ancient continent corn flake.
Younger tourists take strange autographs home.
Green hoods vandalise the super markets.
Essential grain goes to the oatmeal dome.
Sexy genius light bulbs screw their sockets.
Orange fingers chill the already cold yam.
Tuber sprouts seek surface no longer there.
Sudden ennui strikes Yosemite Sam.
Sea shells desert the shotgun heart when bare.
Caramel waves of bucket seats peddle.
Juice galaxy's in a Fruity Pebble.


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