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I Saw a New Duck

Twitter Sonnet #272

Pillows of dreams ignite with spiced black crust.
Hot Tamales burst from simulation.
Digits design an insubstantial bust.
Graceless faces peer from information.
A show's kingdom's fractured as a network.
Cover cg coxcombs airbrush a face.
Blustery madness drizzles glitt'ry murk.
Soft focus by amber potions feign grace.
Sunset felines dominate the fall frame.
An anxious three birds spitball worm ideas.
Styrofoam confines the spandex death game.
Secret lard gods bless the sad tortillas.
Gladiola fingers condemn chain link.
Disposal phlegm silenced the kitchen sink.

There aren't enough baby versions of things that end with "-ling". In the duck mob to-day, I spotted a few smaller, fuzzy headed ones. For some reason, I've never seen the rows of young ducklings, but to-day I did see these teenagers for the first time.

For the first time since November I drew a page of comic to-day. I'm a bit rusty, though it's not like I haven't been drawing in all that time. I have lots of doodles from class I've been meaning to post. My anthropology teacher used to stop his lecture to tell long, rambling stories or give the class his opinion on some topic or other. At one point I decided to see how many of Kakeshya's snakes I could draw in the space of time it took for him to finish one of these tangents.

Looks like I almost finished.

I also have been doing character designs for my new comic, of course. I finished the script last week--it looks like it might be a 22 page one shot, since I think I make my point well enough with that. Though I could see turning it into a two or three part series easily enough. Part of me's just happy to have something to do again while listening to The Howard Stern Show.

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