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Walking is Strange

It was sort of ridiculous the number of interesting subjects to photograph I came across yesterday when I walked to the store. I stopped to feed the ducks, then saw another crayfish inexplicably crossing the dry dirt path apparently to get from one part of the river to another.

For some reason this butterfly kept fluttering in circles in one area to continually land in the same spot. It would fly away when I approached but always return. Finally I sat next to the spot and waited. It landed right next to me in a moment and didn't seem bothered by my close camera getting macro shots.

Ants are interesting too!

Twitter Sonnet #275

Cognac climax plateaus in a stasis.
Bacta addicts balloon with sluggish will.
Gum adheres on a need to stick basis.
Bubble Yum grains always mess up the mill.
No sign of life came with the newspaper.
The air misses a baby gorilla.
Only old sounds warm any new caper.
Shaking iron grids Yorick's maxilla.
Flower nostrils sneeze crushed skeleton dust.
Pages of beat strawberry redden hands.
Hammocks dip for a coy marshmallow bust.
Repetitive grins hold in shifting sands.
Crustacean audiences are fruitless.
Apricot digestive tracts are bootless.
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