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Going someplaces here

Good, hot, fresh drip coffee often reminds me of penguin beaks. That's what I'm drinking right now--coffee.

Er, I didn't go to the Comic-Con yesterday. In one way, I'm glad because I only have five dollars left to-day. On the other hand, I'm angry for missing out on Claudia Black, Ben Browder, David Kemper, and a number of other things . . .

So how did I get from forty to five since yesterday? Let's see . . . Well, fifteen dollars was spent on gas. Three dollars was spent on a venti Americano with an extra shot. I think I spent three dollars earlier on Saturday on a latte . . . In the evening I spent seven dollars on burritos for Trisa and I after a confusing coffee attempt in Hillcrest. On the way home, realising I had no cold drinks with which to wash down the burrito, I spent two dollars on a bottle of Arizona's green tea with honey. Then there're the coffee, scone, and ginger ale I got this morning.

So. I've spent thirty-four dollars out of forty . . . and to-day, I have five dollars . . . Damnit, I ought to have six, grr . . . I'll never be a responsible adult.

Did you know I'm perhaps a Nebari? I'm perhaps named Leh'agvoi. To perhaps prove this, pinkteaset3 drew this picture of me (which is certainly very flattering);

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