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Ducks in the Sun

I haven't played World of Warcraft in . . . I think it's been a few months. But last night I dreamt I was using one of my WoW characters and that she had somehow grown a pink membrane from her arms to her thighs like a flying squirrel--and indeed she used it to fly. I got to a cliff side and found an orc there with a bare, glowing pink brain. He explained to me that there were glowing barriers everywhere and I said, "Sorry, but the only glowing thing I see is your brain." Then everything went kind of hazy, dark, and purple. Three people ran out of a cave, one of whom was David Lynch and another of whom was a guy with goggles and electrified teeth--also pretty Lynchian, I guess.

One of the orange spiders has finally outgrown its little nook between shrubs;

Still not as big as I've seen them get--as a reminder, here's a video from last year;


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