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Rage! Anger stuff! Growl, spit, etcetera!

I was trying to open a checking account . . . But it turns out I need two forms of ID. Arrrrrrrrgh! This upsets me more than I would have thought. Mainly because it means I have to put an indefinite hold on a project I've been working on for a while . . . Damnit. I have a driver's liscence. There has to be something else I've got that says I'm me . . . The lady at the bank ran through ideas. Passport? No. Military ID? No. School ID? Yes, but it's incredibly old, which caused me to wonder why I haven't been getting new school IDs. If I have to wait 'til fall, when I start classes, in order to open a checking account . . . Well. I'll be annoyed.

And last night I watched Oklahoma!. The songs were good, some of the performances were decent, and I was oddly turned on by the ladies doing ballet in their knickers. But even though a number of the reviews I read praised the film for its bold, rich colours, the colours were actually a weak point, in my opinion. I didn't catch it in the credits, but I'm betting it was probably Eastman or something, and not Technicolor. Either that or it was a bad copy of the movie or it was done intentionally and it's just my wonky taste at fault. In any case, everything look faded and yellow, like it'd been soaked in butter. It made me uncomfortable to watch, and oddly reminded me of being left out in the hot sun for a very long period.

Following the studios' tendency in the fifties of placing a slightly irrelevant dance sequence into the centre of all their musicals, Oklahoma! had an almost good dream sequence detour that temporarily substituted the lead actors with actors who could dance. Which I don't think ever quite wins over the viewer--at least, it certainly didn't work on me. There's also a substitution of mood and style in this sequence, making it feel like a scene from an almost completely different movie. Which would have been okay if it had been extremely good. But it wasn't good at all. It was almost good.
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