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Word putting

I've decided to make the blog for the web site I'm damned determined to put up next week. The frustration it's been so far--I'm hoping it doesn't become a Lost in La Mancha sort of blog.

I'm almost finished reading Peter Straub's Shadowland and I'm eager to get to Starbucks and sit down with my coffee and scone and finish it. But, first, I promised I'd write more about what I read and then promptly forgot my promise . . . So now I make good!

Before Shadowland, I read Liquor by docbrite. The book was delightful and even more so because I avoided reading the synopsis on the back. Which is not to say that the synopsis was bad at all, but I had the keen joy of being surprised that organised crime had any part to play in what I thought was a sweet comedy about a cute couple of guys opening a restaurant.

It's a book that makes me think what great Sims games might be like a hundred years from now, filled with interesting and comfortably cool characters getting into situations and adventures that have the logical lunacy of great anecdotes or, well, great stories. The book's climax was certainly one I wouldn't have expected. Hell, I didn't even expect a climax nor felt like I needed one. It coulda gone on forever and been good, or so it felt. But it worked well enough. The whole book worked quite well, is what I'm sayin'.

I'm hungry . . .
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