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Trigger Warning: I Don't Give a Fuck about Trigger Warnings

I sure love these spiders. Especially now that there seems to be a freakish number of mosquitoes around here. Do your work, spiders, godspeed.

I had to get my car smog checked yesterday and I made sure to tell the guys not to disturb the spider eggs still on the back of the car.

You may not want to know what Sonny Chiba is holding in this picture. I will say the shredded cloth came from a pair of boxer shorts.

That's just one of many examples of violence the severity of which I found pleasantly surprising in The Street Fighter, a 1974 martial arts film unrelated to Capcom's Street Fighter series of video games, which feature a lot less eye gouging.

Chiba plays Takuma Tsurugi, one of the most amoral movie protagonists I've ever seen. There's no reason in the world you should root for this guy, but you kind of do. Maybe it's the shear joy he takes in beating people up. I've never seen anyone so pleased to have torn out the Adam's Apple of his defeated foe. It's wonderfully consistent, too, with his amorality. He doesn't become enlightened halfway through or anything, he goes after the job of protecting the rich heiress simply because it gives him a paid excuse to take revenge on the people trying to kidnap her to take her fortune--and Tsurugi wants to take that fortune from her too.

The movie had a sort of unsatisfying ending, but I guess that's why there are sequels. And no, by the way, this movie was not shot by Jack Cardiff. I'm not on a programme here, fool.


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