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Mysteries and Catastrophes

My very good friend found herself in yet another car accident this evening, and as always, it was genuinely not her fault--unless she had inadvertently, gravely insulted a very influential deity, which would actually explain a lot. This time around, she suffered some aggravation to a back injury that she had gotten from her previous car accident.

So, I did for her the only sensible thing I could--I read to her over the phone The Girl Detective by Kelly Link.

I saw a lot of stupid people today--individuals who normally kept themselves indoors, I suppose, on days that are not the Fourth of July. I think some of them were responsible for the annoying loud booms accompanying equally annoying twinkly explosions of light in the sky. I wish I had been spared that, but unfortunately I was in my car on the way here when that ceremony began *sigh*.
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