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Cary and Gay

Last night, Trisa and I found ourselves inadvertantly in the middle of the Gay Pride Parade, only we didn't realise it for a couple hours. We simply thought it was a particularly festive night in Hilcrest. Not until the waiter at City Delicatessan told us the menu was modified "for the parade" did we put two and two together. Once I knew all the hullabaloo was for Gay Pride, I liked it a lot better. Before, I thought the dancers in the store windows were kinna dopey. But I like Gay Pride 'cause I like gay-ness. And I'm even on reasonably good terms with gaiety.

Trisa and I saw Before Sunset, which was very good. It was preceded by a trailer the thought of which even now instantly amuses me. I don't even remember what the movie was called--it was a domestic comedy about a couple of gay male couples. But the really keen thing about it was that Kyle MacLachlan starred as a man deranged in such a way that he literally thought he was Cary Grant. MacLachlan's Grant impression is sort of glorious. I'm really happy to've witnessed it.
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