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Where're you lookin' at?

It seems Brian Singer wants Tom Welling to play Superman. I don't have much of a problem with the idea, even though Smallville sucks ass. Well, actually, there're probably a thousand actors who'd be better in the role . . . I guess it's just that Welling looks sort of like a friend of mine from high school.

Got some really good coffee. It's making up for the sleep I'm not getting.

I ought to do something productive to-day. But it's hard to think of anything when I'm so angry about not being able to get my website up.

I've also taken up a terrible hobby. I'm making a Morrowind mod. A bona-fide waste of time. Of lots of time. But what else can you do in purgatory?

I plant trees . . . rocks and shrubs . . . I'm building a castle . . . putting goblins in the woods . . . Sad, sad, tedious little dreamworld. Insidious for the rewards in does indeed bestow. It's great to load up the game and wander around the mountains and forests you've constructed. I'm so sleepy . . .

Actual dream: I dreamt I was driving down a big road near here and saw a helicopter disguised as a futuristic flying car. And I started wondering why we don't have flying cars. This is, of course, Kevin Smith territory.
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