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This Prospero's Island also functions as a floatation device

Putting all the alcoholic beverages on the rack . . . Oh, hi. How're you? Yesterday I was either making a Morrowind mod, posting something on some online place, or tearing my hair out and screaming in complete fury. Well, that last part was only inside my head, where it could reverberate.

Last night, Lucky the cat got into one of my cabinets and began methodically removing some of its contents until he could try digging at the cool wood bottom. He scraped and scraped, but never got anywhere. I finally had to pull him away.

"Underground Shrine"

Coke spools bull threads
Scampering snort forward
To thwarted steam of sweat
Evaporating in the tunnel

Slime long column
In the underground theatre
Shepherding pews
Empty of light dead

A billion metres away
The cistern squats
Garland of lasso flowers
Red, pink, sticky

Skylight eyes grin
Green like needles
From across the overshadow
Blankly gloating

Thoroughly cauterised
The body vaporised
Its workings

The brain is gone
But laughter never dies
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