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Living with the Life

I wanted to try making my lunch to-day, so I bought a bunch of materials yesterday, only to discover last night that the fruit flies had somehow gotten into the loaf of sourdough bread I'd bought. I'm so tired of these things. I guess I'll probably try using hamburger buns for my sandwich to-day.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday;

I thought this branch looked like antlers.

I wondered at first why these leaves seemed to be floating in the air. It took a moment before I spotted the big spider and his little friend;

A guy walking past asked me what I was taking pictures of and I said, "Just a really big spider."

"Oh, that's a garden spider," he said, as though it was nothing to get excited over. I do see lots and lots of them, but I don't know, it still seems exciting. At least I know what they're called now.

The ducks have been traumatised lately by work men coming and trimming the weeds clogging up the river near the bridge. I suspect a lot of duck nests were casualties.
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