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Mr. Bickle and the French Emperor

Last night I watched Conquest in which Charles Boyer portrayed Napoleon Boneparte far more perfectly than I could imagine anyone else playing the man. He was fierce, charismatic, and obsessive. And what great eyebrows!

Greta Garbo was in the movie, too, as Napolean's secret lover. Costumes and sets were absolutely marvellous. The story was an adequete romance for the captivating characters. It was nice to revel in.

I bought the Taxi Driver soundtrack last night. For someone who's been listening to movie soundtracks all his life, it's kinna funny that I've only just recently discovered Bernard Herrmann. Taxi Driver was his final project and he died before it was released. But he certainly did a beautiful job.

I was thinking about how I'd heard that he was originally reluctant to take the project when all he knew about it was the title, saying that he didn't want to score a movie about taxi drivers. But Scorcese or somebody explained to him that it wasn't really about taxi drivers . . .

And, you know, I've often witnessed resistence in people when they hear the title--no one wants to watch a movie about taxi drivers. And yet, having seen the movie, I don't think I would want it to have any other title. It speaks to the average quality of the truly strange character, saying he is really a likely component of your average civilised system--he could be a taxi driver.

So, sometimes for art to be great, it has to have qualities that aren't instantly marketable. Art's just never gonna sit comfortably in society, is it?
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