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Put On Your Skulls

This was the outfit my Second Life avatar wore on Halloween, by the way. It's by Vita's Boudoir.

The skeleton that makes up half the skirt is full prim and intricately detailed. I love outfits and jewellery with tiny detailed prims, though I guess that makes them less likely to load for people who have their viewers set to low detail. They add so much depth to the avatar, though.

Vitabela sure seems to like skulls and roses, and I guess I do too. It's sort of heavy metal-ish, I suppose. Beyond Tool and a little Nightwish, I can't say I'm that into metal, but I did enjoy the heavy metal version of Robot Unicorn Attack. It doesn't quite measure up to the original Robot Unicorn Attack, though, which I still regard as a unique work of art.

Oops. I just spent more time than I care to admit playing Strip Solitaire at I'm not sure, but I think it might be engineered so it's impossible to win. I suspect I'll be trying over and over again anyway later, just to see a tiny, low resolution picture of a naked woman when I could go to a million porn sites and get better pictures of naked women immediately. Did I just discover something about human nature?

The recent drama between Jon Stewart and Donald Trump has got me wondering if Trump truly doesn't understand why it was racist to make a huge issue out of Obama's birth certificate. That seriously questioning a man's fitness to perform a job based on where he was born, and taking evidence from his name and skin colour as incontrovertibly indicative of his birth place, is rather fundamentally racist. His suggestion that Jon Stewart saying Herman Cain kidnapped the Lindbergh baby is obviously racist makes me wonder if Trump has convinced himself that charges of racism against public figures are totally arbitrary, that statements only become racist when people choose to be offended by him. I guess I shouldn't be surprised when he also apparently sees nothing wrong with his toupee.

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