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Little Appetisers of Dubious Ingredients

I've been making these little hors d'oeuvres for myself lately around three hours before I eat dinner--I toast two slices of bread, cut each into fourths, put some olive oil on them, sprinkle on some garlic and white onion I've chopped up, then some parmesan cheese, some diced tomato, and then some oregano and basil. Last night I added slices of mushroom and then microwaved the whole thing for around fifteen seconds. Incredibly delicious. Ever since I became lactose intolerant, I've been missing pizza; mozzarella, it turns out, being one of the few cheeses I can't eat. These hors d'oeuvres simulate the pizza experience decently.

I didn't sleep well, though, and maybe it was the mushrooms. I love mushrooms going in, but they can make themselves like granite in my stomach. I ended up compulsively playing more Strip Solitaire, despite discovering that, although it is beatable, the naked pictures are censored. I suppose I kind of figured they would be. That fact is, I have a recurring addiction to Solitaire that kind of flared up by the addition of novelty. There's something oddly soothing about the faux porn music, too.

Why is it video games like Strip Solitaire and Robot Unicorn Attack are italicised and Solitaire isn't? And then there's poker and chess--they don't even get capital letters at the beginning. I guess when games get to a certain age or prestige they become as integral to the world as a cup or a blimp.

I haven't been watching much lately. I watched the last episode of Sherlock this week and the newest Boardwalk Empire but I don't find I have much to say about them, both of them being fine, the Sherlock episode being the greater of the two, though it was essentially just a string of bits from the Conan Doyle stories. Mark Gatiss wrote it, and he also plays Mycroft Holmes, and it's a little odd how he keeps putting in lines referencing Mycroft being overweight since he doesn't look even a little overweight. Mycroft was overweight in the stories, which I guess is the reason, but mostly it just makes me wonder why, as co-creator of the series, he cast himself in the role. It seems like vanity won out on that one, though his script was decent enough otherwise, so it doesn't really bother me. Mostly I'm just really missing Doctor Who--I started watching "The Brain of Morbius" again the other night after watching that string of Frankenstein movies, totally forgetting that "The Brain of Morbius" was partly inspired by Frankenstein. I should take this as an omen, I think. But for what? I don't know yet.

I'll get back into watching movies again one of these nights. I mean, movies I've never seen before. I watched Labyrinth last night, which I'd had a yen to do for a while. I miss the glory of Bowie. Where's he been? Now I'm in the mood for some films noir.

We're up to the 1950s in my American History class. There was a mention of the birth of film noir in the text book. The book says it originated in France and then caught on in the U.S. This is in fact not true--a French critic coined the term "film noir" describing a phenomenon in American cinema and the term was applied after the golden years of noir. This isn't the first time I've spotted false information in the text book and it makes me wonder about how much false information I'm not spotting. I suppose this is the version of reality I need to know for now . . .
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