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Stolen from grandmofhelsing

Many of these answers only apply for now, of course.

The Ultimate Geek Survey
My favorite movie director isJohn Huston
My favorite movie genre isfilm noir
The greatest movie of all time isNotorious
My favorite "bad movie" isThe Outlaw
The best comic-book superhero isBatman
The best decade for cinema was the1970s
I own enough DVDs to fill abookbag
I own enough comic books to fill asombrero
My favorite actor isCary Grant
My favorite actress isJoan Crawford
My favorite writer isLewis Carroll
The most useless movie sequel isBatman and Robin
The best movie sequel isThe Godfather part II
The average number of comic/anime/sci-fi/horror cons I attend in a year is1
My favorite anime series/movie isRanma 1/2
My favorite American cartoon isSleeping Beauty
The correct number of nipples on Batman's costume iszero
The last truly great movie I saw wasThe African Queen
The last bad movie I saw wasThe Guardsman
The last truly awful movie I saw wasSeabiscuit
The last movie I saw period wasThe Defiant Ones
Mike Nelson or Joel Robinson?Mike Nelson
The best movie Dracula was played byGary Oldman
Clint Eastwood or John Wayne?John Wayne
The best remake I've ever seen isThe Children's Hour
What author or filmmaker should have retired 10 years ago?George Lucas
Marvel or DC?DC
The actor/actress I'd give my comic book collection to screw isMegumi Hayashibara
The one TV show of which I most want a DVD box set isTwin Peaks

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