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The Things We Do for Our Goats

I killed a giant for this goat. I hope he or she appreciates it. It was part of an amusing quest chain that involves cleaning up various things my character did but doesn't remember after a massive drinking binge. I "woke up" on the other side of the map in some kind of mountain monastery/mining town where there was a delicate political balance between some kind of demonic miner's union and the bankers. I started investigating a murder, but might have done something wrong because now everyone in the county/shire/hold attacks me on sight. I have an over 1000 gold bounty on my head. I could've loaded an earlier saved game, but I got kind of a kick out of running from the massive mob of guards, miners, merchants and drunken beggars. Since bounties in Skyrim don't necessarily carry over to other parts of the map, I should be okay as long as I don't have to go back to that region any time soon. Maybe by then I'll be a werewolf and the whole place will just be a great big buffet.

Last night I dreamt I'd driven forty or fifty miles away from home and parked at a curb next to a park. I sat in the grass, in the shade of a tree and felt very relaxed. Then I noticed my car had been towed. I looked around, but couldn't find a sign warning people not to park where I did. All I found was a large grey sign that read, in black letters, "Ben to go." My name's not Ben and anyway it doesn't sound like anything in the neighbourhood of "No parking--violators will be towed at owner's expense."

I finished the dream arguing with the two guys who owned the tow truck, who didn't speak English very well.

Here are some real life photos I've taken lately;

Saffy has Galadriel eyes.

I see the trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special is online;

Paying homage to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I see. Well, it couldn't be worse than the live action movie from a few years ago. This trailer comes on the heels of a new Doctor Who movie being announced. It's to be overseen by the Harry Potter movies' David Yates. I haven't seen any of those last Harry Potter movies. According to the article I've linked to, the new movie will ignore television continuity in much the way of the Peter Cushing film.

I do hope it's good, but I don't think I'll be bothered too much if it isn't. If Doctor Who can survive Colin Baker, I figure, it can survive anything.
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