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I Walked with Planes, I Talked with Planes

So much for the predictive powers of Science Fiction. Twenty nine years after The Super Dimension Fortress Macross appeared on Japanese television we still don't have planes with legs. Or robots with Jolly Rogers on their Jolly Rogers. Don't engineers have any sense of romance?

The technology in Macross is charming and well animated, but it's a pleasing attention to characterisation that's making it work for me two episodes in.

The catty, for some reason all female, bridge crew of the Macross, her Captain that looks like he stepped out of a nineteenth century illustration, and the pacifist young ace pilot make the show engaging.

None of them are too stilted or perfect, it's a good counterpoint to the show's lofty setup wherein the human race has converted for its own purposes an alien space craft that crashed on Earth decades earlier, the Macross. My favourite bit was a beautifully, flawlessly animated sequence of the pilot diving to rescue Lynn Minmay, who I guess is to be the female romantic lead.

It's sweet, even after he accidentally crushed her apartment because he doesn't know how to pilot the craft in robot form.

I also read "LATITUDE 41°21'45.89"N, LONGITUTE 71°29'0.62"W" to-day, the new story from last month's Sirenia Digest. Another nicely atmospheric string of information about stone, lighthouses, and sea life to add eerie aesthetic credence to a story about strange metamorphosis. It was good.
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