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Fake people die real deaths

My mouse ran out of batteries last night while I was looting the corpses of my vanquished foes in Morrowind. Stupid frelling cordless mouse . . . You can be sure it wasn't my idea. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to vanquish those foes all over again.

Got an e-mail from Tim this morning detailing his PK killing exploits last night(PK here stands for "Player killer"--Tim was killing player killers) in Lineage 2. Just hearing the story was satisfying--those PK people can be real fekkiks, preying on low level players who've just started the game. Lineage 2 is one of those terrifically involved online games that I'm almost glad I've never had opportunity to play, for it seems horrifically addictive. I'm almost glad. I'm working on it.

I watched a very silly movie last night called Cat Ballou. It wasn't quite a good movie, but it came close. Lee Marvin was reasonably entertaining in it, although I find it odd that he won Best Actor for the role. And Jane Fonda was cute . . .

Well, to-night, gods willing, Trisa and I see The Dresden Dolls. It's a San Diego venue so we couldn't possibly get lost . . . couldn't possibly . . .
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