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Somewhere There's a Portrait of Me That Doesn't Age

Mmmm, do I smell pasta?

Yes, at the request of a family member I actually had to go in and get some inevitably awful JC Penney photos of myself. Boy, was that ever awkward. Has there been any instance of these things not coming out looking hopelessly hokey? Mine have the added bonus of my apparently really fucking bad skin. I just don't notice it as much normally somehow.

Arrr! Me newspaper plunders the high seas of yellow journalism, arr! The photographer told me to push my hat back to show more of my face. I'm pretty sure that was a bad idea.

Anyway, I think I'm going to try to catch Stanley Kubrick's Fear and Desire which starts in ten minutes on TCM. So, ciao.

Twitter Sonnet #333

Amphibious kleenex corks burger wine.
Guitar gum rocks rotten cartoon wolf teeth.
Girls just want guys to mention iodine.
Catherine spilled chemicals all on the heath.
Uncooked stomachs affront all the raw food.
Ancient commercials sold psychos to God.
Cold tea impacts the astrologer's mood.
During Christmas, it's a snow globe holds Zod.
Grey smiles surround a senseless infant.
Walter Burns' thoughts through thoughtless photographs.
Wookiees shave for nostalgic elephant.
Hacker codes are naked in telegraphs.
Movies shorten for gift card MacGuffin.
Guerrilla kids spawn in Starbucks' muffin.
Tags: hokey, me, photography, photos, pictures
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