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My hate

Lots of incredibly beautiful people today. Such a beautiful world and stuff and sometimes devices aren't working. Ugh, I've got 17cent bottled water, and I'm wondering if it's okay to drink.

Two things occurred to me;

1; Why are some people SO FUCKING LUCKY? Why do some people get fairy tale lives and the people they love lots and forever and then why are these people that get their hearts filled up miserable?

2; Why are some people SO FUCKING UNLUCKY? Why does chaos swirl and swarm about their pitiful attempts to get by, repeatedly slamming misfortune at them for NO REASON?

(okay, actually I've got)3; I hate competition. It fucking pisses me off. I hate it when idiots waste energy on either making sure they're doing better than the other idiot, or waste energy making sure they're not, to appearances, doing better than the other idiot so as not to offend.

(you know what? Screw the number system)I fucking hate watching people bond! I mean, I like that people bond, I love it when stuff happens that make people not lonely and stuff, but why the fuck do I have to watch?

I also hate people, actually. I fucking hate dealing with their shit--I hate when I'm watching Crash with someone who has to leave the room when James Spader makes love with Elias Koteas. The same person who might laugh gleefully at scenes of ultraviolence is actually sickened by a display of love. I hate people who think you're retarded or a cowboy just because you don't own a cell phone. I hate amateur porn, and all the people who put on tacky makeup with the intention of becoming beautiful when they looked 1900000000000000000times better without makeup. I hate people who think it's fundamentally worthwhile--and more important than anything else--to vacuum the carpet. I hate people who believe that good health is it's own reward. I hate capitalism.

I hate seeing things I want that I can't have.

I hate seeing others who can't even have what I have--it's denied to them by the greed of others. I hate seeing women on Nightline who were brutally raped by several men in front of their families, mutilated, forced to watch their children killed, and then later forced to flee their homeland that is constantly in a state of war to live in overcrowded refugee camps on the banks of a poisonous river.

I hate people who think there's no point in saying or doing anything about anything. I hate people who think there's a higher power that laid out a set of morals we have to follow, even though they disagree with our instincts and basic sense of goodwill and love.

I fucking hate closed minds.

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