Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Maximum Christmas

To-day we celebrate the day when Grace made Nature look like a real jerk. So if you find yourself behaving naturally to-day, please remember to flagellate yourself.

Twitter Sonnet #337

Autumn drains the colour from the cookie.
Sounds of sex wreathe Santa's sanguine sadness.
Hacked hooves are no use to Blitzen's bookie.
Some say deer betting horses is madness.
Prosthetic hands beat on the stable door.
Antlered faces frighten God's baby dimes.
Tissue red dwarves crinkle across the floor.
Rodent robocops cry for Christmas crimes.
Holly bursting drizzles crimson juices.
Too green mistletoe spirals round Scottie.
Temporary Madeleines make truces.
Teeth burn on electrified biscotti.
Earth stands tranquil in a cosmic mitten.
Toys are strange when once by elves they're bitten.
Tags: christmas, grace, nature, sayonara zetsubo sensei
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