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The gods weren't willing

So, yeah, didn't go to see The Dresden Dolls on Tuesday, thank you very much. I won't go into why not. Because to do so may have some decidedly muddy consequences. Let's just say there was confusion, followed by frustrating silence, sleepless anxiety, and, lastly, like the cherry on top, betrayal and general annoying fuckery.

I've an idea, I'll talk about movies . . .

Speaking of the gods, I saw Alien vs. Predator last night. It was a movie about perfume models posing as scientists who're hired by Lance Henrikson to explore a large, ancient television set, buried under Arctic ice and snow. The set, which is backlit somehow by light sources the human explorers seem content to ignore, was for an obstacle course reality show similar to Road Rules or American Gladiators, produced by the Predators. One of its Aztec architects decided wacky walls and floors would move every ten minutes, because the Aztecs figured things in tens, except, for some reason, their minutes, which were exactly like our sixty second minutes.

Aliens are let loose and're somewhat dangerous, although they will pause a moment to allow the heroine to call one an "ugly motherfffff . . .", which is the PG-13 equivalent of "motherfucker." Perhaps they grant this courtesy to their potential victims because their victims grant them the courtesy of usually pretending not to notice them before they strike, even when they're well lit and making hissing noises.

All in all, the movie was pretty fun. It's a lot more fun while you're watching it, though. It seems worse in retrospect.

To-day, I got an advanced copy of greygirlbeast's The Dry Salvages, which I'm very much looking forward to reading.

Speaking of greygirlbeast, she's posted my latest Nar'eth pin-up here, on For those of you afraid of ladies' unmentionables, proceed with caution!
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