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The Ghosts Decided Me

I hadn't actually planned on doing anything in protest of SOPA/PIPA, though I am against 'em. Actually, I haven't posted all day because my computer died yesterday--I'd opened it to put in a DVD burner Tim had given me and afterwards found the computer wouldn't turn back on. But it's fixed now, so I guess I might as well continue the black out of my own volition.

Here's the new Nisemonogatari opening, which premiered on Sunday. I rather like it;

Twitter Sonnet #345

Devils highlight notes with their purple ink.
Checked cigarettes infallibly stab down.
Feather plucked fingers absorb a clicked link.
Coffee reflecting teeth turns amber brown.
Split pea pigeons dehydrate for space men.
Crowns with closed bottoms hold a kingly soup.
Icicles strike linoleum 'til ten.
Satan reserved massage parlours for Coop.
Walnut sparks stopped invading the fourth moon.
Demonic tangerine tumours invert.
Llamas think gum suspenders are a boon.
Victoria fed space Pez to Albert.
Chopstick cops divide wires from fan blades.
Space time contains infinite lemonades.
Tags: computers, internet, nisemonogatari, pipa, sopa
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