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America's Got Fingers

I got up too early, had some strong coffee, made some green tea and went over to my parents' house for the Super Bowl where I had a brandy, so I was peeing a lot. And I actually got caught up in the game, mostly because I've been listening to The Nick and Artie Show while playing Skyrim this past week, a show that's nominally a sports show. The two guys are so funny busting balls based on team loyalty, the funniest bit being Artie Lange's incredibly, wonderfully nasty parody of Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind", which you can listen to here. Lange invokes 9/11 and Mary Jo Kopechne just to stick it to Patriots fans. It was genius, and totally for that reason I was rooting for The Giants. And then the game ended up having all kinds of dramatic things like interceptions and barely completed passes and other things I only just barely understand. So I actually got caught up. Now I'm glad because I get to hear Artie Lange gloat to-morrow, and I know his gloating will be far more entertaining than Nick DePaolo's would've been.

I thought Madonna was a decent enough halftime show. I do wish she had avoided performing anything she wrote after 1994. She was very obviously lip-syncing, but judging from the quality of her live performances I've heard, I'd say it's very much for the better this way. And she had the only two modern rappers I like with her, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Kudos to M.I.A. for sneaking in a "I don't give a shit," and flipping off the world;

I suppose this shouldn't quite redeem her for that stupid ginger holocaust video she did, but I still like her Arular album.

The commercials seemed pretty dull this year. It was a bit disheartening seeing Howard Stern in the America's Got Talent commercial. Which is I guess part of why I've been listening to Nick and Artie instead. The Stern Show and Stern himself seem like they're getting more and more restrained lately. He's still the most natural interviewer I know of to-day, though. I did tune in for when he talked to Roger Waters a couple weeks ago and I thought it was a pretty good interview. Waters seemed very much at ease and Stern got him talking about the creative process behind Dark Side of the Moon--Waters claims the bulk of the creative credit, but said it took every member of the band to make the work happen and that he would listen to band members who checked him when he was on the wrong track. My favourite part of the interview, though, was when he talked about the initial inspiration for The Wall;

Twitter Sonnet #351

Embossed Ls stick on down in mid caress.
Fifteen screaming corpses sway on a tie.
Kitten collars whiten in starch duress.
Strange crows convene under a phoney pie.
Orthopaedic mattress salesmen collapse.
Raining Oscars devalue method mimes.
Angels trigger Basil Rathbone relapse.
Cocaine croissants commit light flaky crimes.
Parrots perverted the polygraph test.
Bubbles sterilise sinking idea.
Choosy chalices fill up just the best.
Winter's asteroids draw Madea.
Elephant recordings implicate dots.
Our violent gangsters made more sauce than Mott's.
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