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No More Janis Thorns

I wonder how many of the people condemning M.I.A. for flipping off the camera during the Super Bowl also have posters or t-shirts of Johnny Cash with middle finger extended. It seems like most of the times I hear self righteous anger over lyrics or antics lately I can point to a case where Johnny Cash did the same thing and he's revered for it. Like the song Rihanna released a little while ago about shooting someone just for fun. I guess mischief is still considered more becoming in those who are white and male.

When I said I thought Amy Pond was the sexiest Doctor Who companion of all time, I think I'd forgotten about Leela. I just watching The Face of Evil again and that girl is so damn cute. I love the details about how generations have made myths and society in the years since the ship crashed, the survey team becoming "the Sevateem" and so on. Though I feel like there was a lot of unexplored material in Leela becoming travelling companion to the man whose face was the face she'd grown up believing to be evil incarnate. That he becomes someone she takes moral cues from, too--it would've been great seeing some really twisted psychological ripples from this.

With breakfast to-day I read the new Sirenia Digest, the two stories contained within seemingly about individuals whose lives are dominated by their repressed issues. "CAMUFARRE" is a pretty story about a girl who has supernatural chameleon abilities that are nicely paired with a personality filled with self doubt and fear of discovery. The second story, "THE TRANSITION OF ELIZABETH HASKINGS", is about a woman whose impossible romantic and sexual longings are accompanied by a strange nature she restrains for fear of dangerous, watery depths. A nice couple of stories.

Twitter Sonnet #352

Apple orders misplaced retrieve only
Beaded noodle new machines that go 'ping'.
Cakey surgeon masks mint too thoroughly.
Future robots will be the last to sing.
Takeshi will never get cake to Sue.
The hospital beds are full of train cars.
Sous chef surgeons can all breathe Mountain Dew.
Even to-day, porn leads to Eddie Mars.
Bert rain pummels Ernie humanity.
Scissor bills cut duck coat hangers at night.
Mayonnaise mucus won't shame Sean Hannity.
Exxon's liquorice won't prove Wonka right.
Muppet closets know a shaggy secret.
Knitted lightning heats the faded carpet.
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