Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Cars Can Be Very Hard Eggs

I am such a ditz lately. I left for school yesterday without my backpack, and then, later, I locked my keys in my car in the mall parking garage an hour before class. I had put my keys in the ignition, then suddenly decided to study for my kanji quiz there in my driver's seat.

I got out of the car to use the JC Penney restroom before I left, forgetting where I'd left my keys. My sister has Auto Club and we had to trick one of their guys into stopping by, telling him it had been my sister who'd locked my keys in my car. I came up with a more elaborate story we didn't use, about how we'd been watching The Parent Trap and she'd said, "Wouldn't it be weird if we switched places for a day?" To which I replied, "Ha! You couldn't even switch cars with me for a day!" And a wager ensued.

The guy ended up getting into my car surprisingly easily. He only needed two tools--some kind of balloon thing which he wedged between the passenger side door and the door frame, which he inflated to get the door open just enough to snake through a heavier duty version of the old straightened clothes hanger. After a couple tries, he popped open the lock, not even damaging my car. With just two small, simple devices, this guy who wasn't wearing a uniform and who was without a car of his own because his tow truck wouldn't fit in the second level of the parking garage where I was, easily got into my car without a single mall security guy stopping him. It gives one pause, I suppose. I was just happy to get my car back before the tea I'd left in the cup holder had gotten cold.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I watched my favourite Valentine's Day movie, in fact my all time favourite movie, Vertigo, last night. I celebrate in my own way.

Twitter Sonnet #354

Brittle bananas are turning pale blue.
Sidelong glances are pushing out the eye.
Cold scarlet sight shattered before Abu.
Diamond crabs are a ancient velour lie.
Chins will extend when the noses have died.
Eyebrows observe peasant iris tenants.
Conical screens leave nowhere to hide.
Toon impotence is the Phantom Menace.
Half a sun of water clocks daydream coin.
Time's moustache sadly droops on money day.
Bloody noodles steam bathe in the byoin.
Memories of avocado decay.
Heart shaped toys rattle under stucco cloud.
Just white peppermint makes the night sky loud.
Tags: cars, ditziness, valentine's day, vertigo
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