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The Illuminati Go to the Bathroom

I've decided Japan has the best porn in the world. 2003's The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai isn't as good as the 70s Japanese exploitation films I've been watching, and it's not quite as witty as it thinks it is, but I have to love a movie that features a woman masturbating with the cloned index finger of George W. Bush while a man on television wearing a flat Bush mask speaks to her.

Sachiko Hanai starts the movie off as a prostitute specialising in role play--we watch her playing teacher for one man, incorrectly instructing him that New York is the capital of the United States. Her destiny takes a turn, however, when she interrupts a meeting in a cafe between a North Korean and a Middle Eastern agent.

The North Korean shoots down the Middle Eastern man before shooting Sachiko in the forehead. This does not kill Sachiko.

At first she walks around like a zombie before she prods the hole with a pencil causing the bullet to press against a part of her brain that activates heightened mental powers.

Sachiko begins working out complex equations and devouring the knowledge she finds in a variety of books, and in one case even devouring a book.

In one of the movie's funniest scenes, she tracks down the author of one of the philosophy texts and reflexively does her academic erotic cosplay routine while carrying on a genuine philosophical argument with him.

Well, it's not a truly profound argument, though she references an argument by Nietzsche that I happened to have read a week ago. In fact, the movie takes the argument of rationalism versus sensual chaos as its central motive as the point at the end seems to be that increased intelligence and knowledge ultimately leads Sachiko to see her hedonistic existence as the ideal one.

It's a sweet, slightly nihilistic film with some genuinely effective humour and even more effective sex scenes. You just don't find this effective combination of sexiness and humour outside of Japan, except maybe in Monty Python.

Tags: monty python, movies, nietzsche, philosophy, pink films, porn, sex, the glamorous life of sachiko hanai
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