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Keep Damp

The sun set to-day under a frog shaped cloud. I think this indicates a wet spring.

Speaking of things that resemble frogs;

I wonder if the makeup artist asked him or herself, "Could I possibly make this guy's skin worse?" This is from the Star Trek episode "Dagger of the Mind" which aired in 1966. I wonder what they used in the 60s to give people that ultra sweaty sheen. Spock had to give the guy the first ever Vulcan mind meld in Star Trek history and I do wonder if Nimoy wished they could've towelled the guy down first.

It's a decent episode. It's about a prison colony run by a guy named Adams who's using dangerous new technology to microwave the evil out of criminal brains. Kirk beams down to the colony alone except for his girlfriend of the week, Dr. Helen Noel, played by Mariana Hill who would go on to play Fredo's sloppy drunk wife in The Godfather Part II. Maybe the movie's casting director remembered her as the woman in "Dagger of the Mind" whose dress wouldn't stop riding up;

This episode was before Dr. McCoy going on away missions became standard procedure--Dr. Noel also works in the Enterprise science department and is sent down as McCoy's expert in psychology. Maybe this is why she constantly takes Adams' side over Kirk's before they find out the guy is crazy, though it seems to have more to do with events alluded to but never described in detail at an Enterprise science lab Christmas party which Kirk attended. Whatever happened there, it leads to Dr. Noel using Adams' machine to make Kirk think he'd carried her off to his quarters. Before she can finish, Adams enters the room, restrains her, and brain washes Kirk into thinking he's passionately in love with Dr. Noel. Dramatic kissing scenes follow of the so wrong but so right variety, romance is left unresolved, and by the next episode Dr. Noel is but a memory in the minds of the viewers. I guess this is why Kirk started finding his girlfriends on away missions.

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