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The use of fools

Got my copy of Aladdin Sane back from my sister yesterday. It sure is nice to hear it again, nice and loud. I went out to get coffee earlier and I was originally planning on only going to a Starbucks a few blocks away. But "Watch that Man" convinced me otherwise and I had to drive much further in order to listen to several other songs.

To-day, I draw. I'm gonna try sticking to a regime of at least one page a day. I'm considering dropping my Fiction Writing Class. I'm weighing it.

Keep Fiction Writing Class:

1)I may learn something.
2)I like battling authority figures and it's been a while since I met one for whom I had so little respect in a situation that promised to continually set me against his or her idiocy.
3)I'll probably raise my GPA.

1)I probably won't learn anything useful.
2)While fun, battling an idiotic authority figure probably isn't the most constructive thing I could be doing.
3)A waste of time and money.

Hmm . . . Time and money . . . how pretty . . . how very pretty . . .
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