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Glimpses of the Bird Network

The space raven flees the supernova.

This giant raven demolishes SUVs when he's not busy crushing your head!

This pair of egrets crashed the duck social a few days ago. Perhaps they were the envy of this duck;

Who stood lost and alone on the path to Wal-Mart. Turn away, duck, this is not your path. You're not alone, no, duck, you're not alone, you're watching yourself but you're too unfair, you got your head all tangled up but if I could only make you care . . .*

I watched the second season Simpsons episode "Principal Charming" last night, which was good, but I only mention it because of its completely non-sequitur Vertigo reference;

I suspect this is the last time we see Springfield Elementary's bell tower.

Twitter Sonnet #371

New chapter pink smokes the recent bruised hand.
Broken substitute days switch the cotton.
Careless love's alone in provolone land.
Square exit forks widen the stacked mountain.
Nude giraffes hold brittle olive branches.
Moon legs glitter on the metal marble.
Vintage uranium pollutes ranches.
The froze smile villain just said, "robble."
High pitch mushroom oboes pet Sylvester.
Awe paints policeman constructions purple.
Foetal toast crisps in the third trimester.
Pockets in sunflower shade can triple.
Giant Jurassic Red Vines grew sweet thorns.
For squids, the pen continually mourns.

*I feel I must point out for some people that I'm quoting David Bowie's "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide".
Tags: birds, david bowie, ducks, egrets, ravens, the simpsons, vertigo
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