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The Swooning Fraggle

Happy Easter, everyone. I don't have much to say about Easter, so here's another Halloween post.

Written by H.P. Lovecraft disciple Robert Bloch, "Catspaw" was the first episode shot for Star Trek's second season, though it was obviously meant to air during Halloween.

As in his previous episode for the series, Bloch name drops "the Old Ones", and the main antagonists bear a resemblance to shoggoths, though perhaps Lovecraft never imagined one of his shoggoths taking the form of a human woman and falling prey to magnetic male sexuality as Kirk easily masters the latest omnipotent intergalactic being with the casual might of his mojo.

Later, the woman entity is powerless when Kirk steals the rod of power with the glowing tip from her man.

The pair of entities, one taking the form of a woman and the other of a guy who looks a bit like Anton Lavey, put together a haunted castle complete with witches and a manacled skeleton because in attempts to gain knowledge by reading the human mind they were only able to access the subconscious. They read Scotty and Sulu first and perhaps we should be thankful the crew wasn't beset by demon samurai in kilts. Kirk and Spock were, however, forced to confront a giant kitten.

Possibly the least effective Star Trek monster ever. The fella is given panther and lion sound effects, but creative lighting and editing can't hide that she just wants a little love and maybe a ball of string. Really, words can't serve here. It's a giant kitten. What more can be said? I mean, okay, getting a panther or something would've been difficult and more expensive. But couldn't they have gotten an adult cat? A mangier one? One that wasn't so fluffy? Maybe this was an Easter post after all.
Tags: easter, halloween, hp lovecraft, kirk, kittens, robert bloch, science fiction, star trek, tv shows
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