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Streets and Guitars

A little short on time to-day--it's my birthday, so I'm meeting my mother and sister for a quick lunch before I need to get to class. I wish I could skip class to-night, but I have to perform a skit in Japanese and I wouldn't want to leave my partner hanging, even though that's exactly what he did to me when he didn't meet me as planned before class on Monday so we could write the skit. Fortunately, I assumed he'd flake on me so I wrote the skit entirely myself.

I've decided to call it "Anyone Can Play Guitar" after the Radiohead song. Here it is, my masterpiece, translated into English by the author himself (again, me);

ME: Good morning. You didn't bring your guitar?


ME: Why not?

PARTNER: I can't play it very well.

ME: No. I think you can play it very well.

PARTNER: Really?

ME: Yes. Besides, we need music at the barbeque.

PARTNER: True. For this reason, I will bring my guitar. What time is the barbeque?

ME: Four o'clock.

PARTNER: Who's cooking?

ME: My father and my younger sister.

PARTNER: Your father always cooks, doesn't he?

ME: Yes. He likes to cook.

PARTNER: Of course.

ME: I'm going to the convenience store. See you.

PARTNER: See you.

And scene.

I hope the class isn't left breathless by the brutal honesty of this human drama.

Well, I posted The Smashing Pumpkins' "Thirty Three" last year because I'm a moron who forgets how old he is, so I better post it this year when I'm certifiably thirty three;

Seems like there was a better quality video last year. This year I had to choose between shit video or shit sound so I chose shit video. Please, decision, don't define my year.

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