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Bird Enough for Time

Another new bird in town. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but the best bet I've found through Google is a long-billed curlew.

So now in this little area I've seen a long-billed curlew, ducks, several seagulls, ravens, egrets, mudhens, and red-winged blackbirds. I'm hoping a few generations from now I'll be seeing a curguravgrebluckhen.

Twitter Sonnet #377

Balloon wives float in American time.
Quickly traded wheat starts a sappy glow.
Needle orbits whittle the Earth to pine.
Optic triangles shape the spade and hoe.
Cotton scrapes the seaweed from the trashcan.
Protractor knees fade behind the soft pie.
Wire spokes radiate for the toucan.
Kites peer through the cumulonimbus sigh.
Dreams point like Phil Collins' old widow's peak.
Bare scalp slowly creates a shining gulf.
Essays draft drowsy lines for eyes to seek.
Booze and smoky shrouds gave wisdom to Rowlf.
The strawberry of an hour curves cake.
Operations last long as surgeons take.
Tags: birds, long-billed curlew, mystery
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