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Awaken, and Find the Frogs

On my way home to-day, I suddenly realised I was surrounded by giant frogs. I happened to glance in the direction of the one above and took a picture for some reason even though I thought it was just a frog shaped log. Then it jumped away when I got closer.

I sat there a moment, trying to pick out any other frogs, but stood finally thinking they'd all fled, and my sudden motion startled one nearby so much it screamed as it jumped away (yes, bullfrogs scream).

I stood up and kept walking when I somehow spotted this one from the bridge;

It seems like every year I see either a new animal around here or animals doing something unprecedentedly strange. In the almost twenty years I've lived in this area, I've never seen frogs that big--I don't think. But it occurs to me this may simply be the first time I've realised I was looking at them.

This is my avatar in a giant hourglass at this year's Fantasy Faire in Second Life.

I could've gotten more pictures--this was just the "Shifting Sands" section, the thing encompasses six or seven sims (or maps), each with its own beautifully realised theme. I was up late wandering around, first with my friend Ada, then with cryptess. Then a bunch of noise forced me to get up early to-day and, man, I'm feeling it. It's like a big palm pushing my forehead. But in spite of this, I somehow finished pencilling two pages of comic. I've decided I'm going to devote Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on as much as possible to the comic.

Here are some more pictures I've taken lately;

Tags: animals, fantasy faire, frogs, second life, sleep deprivation
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