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Pigeon Goes the Admittedly Short Distance

The penultimate Echo Erosion is now online. I hope you know something about poker or at least 52 Card Pickup.

I dreamt last night Francis Ford Coppola made a movie called Doctor Who. Though it was really a western where the Doctor only makes a cameo--I had the impression the studio forced the title on the movie with the hopes of exploiting Doctor Who fandom. The TARDIS wasn't even in the movie and Doctor wasn't played by any of the actors who'd played him on the show, which bugged me--it was a round faced guy with a soul patch.

The Doctor's scene was him at some kind of small town dance reading a newspaper. He dropped the paper, which was concealing his face, suddenly in surprise, apparently revealing his identity despite being a totally unfamiliar actor.

The only other scene I remember was the female protagonist in a dark church, negotiating with demons or aliens in a dark alcove, turning when Harrison Ford entered the room with a big handlebar moustache. He didn't see her and instead strode stiffly and proudly to a giant toy box in front of the altar and climbed in.
Tags: doctor who, dreams, echo erosion, francis ford coppola, harrison ford, pigeon
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