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Get No Ass, No Mars

It's 99 degrees Fahrenheit here to-day, I was out walking in it. I thought to myself, "Why seek Mars? It is here before me."

But I looked at photographs from the Mars rover Curiosity with Tim a couple days ago and found them amazing.

One thing that occurs to me is that they've actually been pretty accurate lately in movies and television in portraying Mars. More than anything, though, it makes Mars seem downright gettable. Then again, there are pictures of Katy Perry's ass making the rounds to-day, too.

I'm drinking hot tea as usual in spite of the weather. It turns out I like Darjeeling tea. I didn't think I did because I had some from Starbucks years ago and it tasted like soap. It turns out Starbucks' Darjeeling tea simply happens to be extraordinarily bad. Who knew?

Twitter Sonnet #415

Demoralised suction cupids collapse.
Lush leprechaun calamine kills clover.
Reticent salads spark pepper relapse.
Entranced saucepans pummelled the Mars rover.
Apple polemics cancel the court lime.
Afterthoughts thicken a quiet toupee.
Melancholy copses purchase their pine.
Normal cavalry have no cars in play.
Tinted torpedoes please the chicest sub.
Alphabetic bursts belabour the gloom.
Felt oceanic thumbs press for the dub.
The vague rectangle's a car we presume.
Sharp edged cranberries watch the koala.
Brass buttons are pulled into Mancala.
Tags: ass, curiosity, darjeeling tea, katy perry, mars, planets, soap, space travel, starbucks, tea, the solar system
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