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When Pieces on a Chess Board Get Up and Tell you Where to Go

It's not a good sign when one of the greatest chess players of our time is beaten by police and arrested for peaceful demonstration of dissent. I guess whatever weirdness the U.S. is into with Julian Assange, I ought to be thankful punk bands aren't being sentenced to two years in prison for "hooliganism". Well, not above the board, anyway.

I dreamt last night I was at a shop that sold rocks and liquor--it only occurred to me after waking that a good name for the shop might've been "On the Rocks". Or maybe "The Drunken Geologist" since these weren't just any rocks but carefully collected and sorted stones. I was going to buy a bottle of scotch from the little old lady who ran the store and I set it along with my wallet on the counter. My wallet for some reason was an old canvas velcro, bright orange wallet I had when I was a kid. The lady told me they had a better scotch on sale, so I turned to grab it and when I turned back around my wallet was gone. After a bit of searching, it turned out the old lady had accidentally taken it and put it in a machine that ground stone into gravel. All that remained were shreds of canvas, dollars, credit and ID cards.

Remember, the last Echo Erosion's online to-day. Don't make me carry you there.

Tags: chess, crawdads, crawfish, crawraydadfishies, crayfish, dreams, garry kasparov, hooliganism, liquor, pussy riot, rocks, russia, scotch, stones

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