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Webs Brighter than My Brain

The garden spiders are starting to show up again, weaving curtains of webs over the sidewalks, under lamp posts, and anywhere else they might catch a full sized human.

I feel as smart as a rock to-day. I think I got well under five hours sleep. The air conditioner was broken so it was 83 Fahrenheit all night. I opened the window at 3am and it was just like opening a window between two rooms. Zero breeze.

Started American Literature I to-day. Looks like we're only going up to 1865. Oh, well.

Here's the new location of my chess club, Chess Garden, in Second Life's Winterfell sim, by the way;

It's a small parcel compared to the last location, but the neighbourhood is beautiful and it brings in more players. Dig this great view of the harbour from the club's north border;

Here's the club interior;

The club opium bed;

The Go board located outside;

So feel free to drop by--you should be able to find it by doing a search for "Chess Garden" in SL. The 3D boards and the glowing 2D board made by my friend Tristy all have computer opponents of varying skill if you can't find any people to play against, but we seem to be getting a lot of traffic already.

Tags: chess, chess garden, school, sleep deprivation, spiders
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