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Boldly Conforming to what Most People have Conformed Before

Anime in the morning usually seems to help get me motivated, so to-day with breakfast I watched the third episode of Dull Hot Chicks Intern for Rote Corporate Gig in Space or, as it's actually called, Bodacious Space Pirates (モーレツ宇宙海賊). This third episode mainly involved the cast going out and working as a team obediently following the instructions of their mild mannered sensei as they go EVA to correct a malfunction shortly after their ship has left dry dock. Arrrr, matey!

One thing I liked about the series in the first couple episodes was its attempt to convey some wonder at space travel by slowing down with it and showing the process by which a young person is introduced to it. And here there's a moment or two where the protagonist gasps at the sight of open space all around her, but it seems in the end to hold all the awe for her of a somewhat unusual cactus because a moment later she's answering her instructor's questions with the same chipper, eager tone she might use in a classroom.

It is nice just hearing Japanese being spoken, though--it'd been a few weeks since I'd watched a Japanese movie or television series. Reviewing some math for astronomy lab last night, I was struck by how similar it was to studying Japanese. I guess figuring out strange syntax isn't that different from working out equations.

First I have my American Literature class, though. This is my teacher;

He's a good guy. I've had him for two other classes, Death and Dying in Literature and Playwriting. It's been at least five or six years, but he actually remembered me when he called role on Monday.

Twitter Sonnet #418

Welsh moons teleport police to New Gaul.
Weights obscure destroyed fusion yaks to-night.
Messages jet water to relished fall.
Full houses elude games of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Newborn walrus remembrances mint void.
The salvaged vanity plates lament Ike.
Camels sleep on the heavenly asteroid.
Child mummies make cereal for Mike.
Sinking saddles leave an acidic pop.
Arms of taffeta steal looks of parlay.
Twenty sciences agreed to the shop.
Motorcycles write more eights than the sleigh.
Gummy gambles mutilate corporate fat.
Dishwashed dimes are the eyes of the glass cat.
Tags: anime, bodacious space pirates, moretsu space pirates, school, sci fi, science fiction, tv shows, モーレツ宇宙海賊

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