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This Week in Bugs

I don't know what kind of bugs these are, but they've been having sex everywhere I go. These two I saw at school. Here's a couple from a few blocks away from where I live;

They didn't seem to mind their tiny red babies swarming around them. They even seemed okay eating and fucking simultaneously;

Yesterday I saw the largest moth I've seen in my life. It was bigger than my hand;

It's hard to get a sense of scale from these pictures but when it took off, fluttering about the backyard, it looked much like a good sized bat.

I tried making a pina colada last night, but I couldn't find cocoanut cream anywhere. I finally settled for cocoanut milk, using slightly more than I would cocoanut cream. The results weren't bad, especially my second attempt when I used a great deal less rum. I wanted a more alcoholic beverage, I guess, but too much made the pineapple juice taste like dirt somehow. I guess maybe that's why Bacardi came up with Bacardi 150, but I still haven't had much use for that stuff except as a disinfectant. It also makes the drink taste like dirt.

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