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Who Wants a Key?

I've been finding keys all over the place to-day. Anyone missing a key? Better yet, any girls out there with brand new pairs of roller skates? For those who don't get that reference, feel free to substitute a joke about the Cox in the picture above.

I saw keys left in mail boxes, the key on the power cylinder above, and I found a key on the ground at school. I picked it up and called out to the many passers-by, "Anyone missing a key? Anyone?" No one said anything. I saw a girl sitting in the shade of a tree nearby and asked, "Are you missing a key?" She shook her head.

Tracking down the Lost and Found at the college proved harder than I'd have thought. I went into the bookstore, no-one knew where the Lost and Found was, and then went into the Administration Office where I was told the Lost and Found was in the campus police building on the other side of the campus. The campus police office was a quiet, deserted little place where I had to use a phone next to the front desk to summon someone to take the key. The phone rang a long time before I got a guy to answer and he only seemed to want to come to the front for it reluctantly.

In class to-day, the assignment was to find a story of some kind your family typically recounts when they're together and present it to the class in under five minutes. Most people talked about times they were injured, or their family members were injured, or their pets were injured. I talked about my parents' Errol Flynn chair. I was pleased to find, when I asked for a show of hands, five or six out of around thirty five students had actually heard of Errol Flynn. It was more than I was expecting.

One serious faced young blonde girl told us, literally, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". The Aesop fable. She didn't relate it to anything in her life, she didn't put an ironic twist on it. She just solemnly told us about a boy who lied several times about a wolf attacking sheep and laughed when people were fooled, and then was eaten when a wolf finally did show up. She concluded, "The point is that you should never trust a liar, even when he's telling the truth." Which I think may be an unorthodox interpretation.

At least I wasn't seeing "Bad Wolf" written everywhere. There's going to be a new Doctor Who episode on Saturday. Such a long way away.
Tags: aesop's fables, keys, lost and found, phallic symbols, the boy who cried wolf, wolves
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