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Fake Lives Often Outstrip the Real Ones

At the chess club this morning. Someone suggested I was trying to seduce pirates. If so, I said, my strategy was backfiring. I received an IM from someone I didn't know saying, "Hi. Want to chat?" I said, "Sure." He didn't say anything for a long time then logged off. Another person I didn't know showed up at the club wanting to play chess, then logged off after one move because he couldn't figure out how to use his camera. A lot of people seem to be allergic to even the teensiest bit of effort.

Still trying to find a job. What a demoralising experience. I put in a bunch of time and effort into finding places that say they're hiring, then filling out applications for them, and then not hearing back and getting the sinking feeling I won't. I saw a sign for a job fair the other day for August 30th but when I went back to check the time and location of the job fair, the signs were gone. Was it cancelled? Who knows. I feel like I'm missing some really tenacious thing I ought to be putting my full effort behind and everyone will later accuse me of being lazy for not doing. Well, I've only been at it a week, there is a good possibility still a lot of the places just haven't had time to get back to me.

I installed the Skyrim expansion a couple nights ago, Dawnguard. It's the first Bethesda expansion I can think of that really changed the fundamental game in a few ways, maybe most notable the ability to use weapons while on a horse. This proved somewhat awkward when I attempted it--the two bandits I found just quickly killed my horse, though this was probably because my character is level 63 and the bandits were probably levelled to a point where they could quickly slaughter an unarmoured critter like a horse. I tried riding and using a bow, but this wasn't too useful since I couldn't aim the bow without moving in the same direction with the horse. Maybe if I can remember the cruise control button. Mostly I'm hoping someone will make a jousting mod, if that isn't already part of the content I'll eventually see in the Dawnguard plot.

Twitter Sonnet #420

The metal stars recall doughy muscle.
Ambulance nepotism takes the beach.
Wicker frame noses look like a bustle.
Questions and vectors pull from story's reach.
Reverse popcorn orbits crush moons to seed.
Paper bag gauntlets laugh at the thin pew.
Dust divests liquorice crochet Lou Reed.
Cigarette tea tranquilised the wet few.
Stencil locks canonise sharper fishes.
Arbitrary Rorschach collages sing.
Mackerel realty trembles at whale wishes.
Yellow lessons solve the recursive ring.
Coors cans conceive of signs too pathetic.
Kellogg diamonds break the breakfast ethic.
Tags: chess, chess garden, initiative, jobs, second life, skyrim, video games, work
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