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Why Think When You Can be Angry?

No real time for a blog entry to-day, it's my long day at school, starting at 2pm and ending at 9:30pm. I feel like I ought to get up earlier than 11:30am, but I don't know if I can bring myself to get up so early when I obviously have to stay up so late.

Just watched last night's Daily Show while eating breakfast and saw the clip of Mitt Romney at a rally talking about how at least he was never questioned about where he was born, as though being questioned about his place of birth is entirely Obama's fault. This from a viable presidential candidate--well, I guess Obama has a pretty solid lead in the polls, but it's still pretty damn scary. Maybe not as scary as the secret militia within the U.S. military that stock piled over 80,000 dollars of munitions as part of a plan to assassinate the president. I saw Neil Gaiman link to that story on Twitter and expected it to be the headline everywhere, but no. Everyone's mainly talking about the Republican Convention, at which, apparently, one of the militia members was a page a couple years ago.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but it seems like these guys, and the recent rather stunning comments about women and rape from elected officials, are just a few bubbles coming to the surface from a seriously scary right wing ground soil.

And with that, I'm off to my education, ciao.
Tags: politics, racism, republicans, sexism, the right wing
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