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Paper Yellow Grape Ideas on Thousands of Years of Granite

So tired. In the small pieces of time in which I managed to get some sleep last night I dreamt Star Trek: Voyager was still on the air and that it had gotten really dark, really tediously dark. I mean, I don't remember specifics, but it wasn't like the writers were exploring ideas that naturally took the show in darker directions but like they were desperate and just started throwing in more death and stuff to get attention. I remember the holographic Doctor turning into some kind big blood thirsty monster.

I'm not sure why I couldn't sleep aside from the guy working on something outside. It seems like I was already having trouble before that. This should be a fascinating day anyway. I have that astronomy lab until 9:30pm I had trouble puzzling through on a full night's sleep.

I feel really shitty. Why couldn't I sleep? I may need a haircut. Some of my hairs have just gotten to the length where they're tickling my nose. Maybe it was the movie I watched last night which indeed got my mind working busily at my bed time. If I get enough sleep to-night, I'll write about it to-morrow. Since I have to be in class in less than two hours, I'll just leave you now with some hints as to what the movie was I watched last night. Here you go;

1) Henry Jones

2) We Need to Talk About Kevin

3) Affectation

4) American theatre

Items three and four may be redundant.

And, no, the movie wasn't We Need to Talk About Kevin.
Tags: didn't we already talk about kevin?, dreams, henry jones, movies, star trek, star trek voyager, we need to talk about kevin

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