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Orange Dream

Autumn has come to Chess Garden and I've tried to decorate accordingly.

It's a good thing I've got a simulated autumn because I sure don't feel like I've got the real thing so far. It's still oppressively hot outside all the time during the day and difficult to sleep under the covers at night. I went to the mall with Tim last night and got a soy pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks in an effort to create the mood. Damned expensive, but still not a bad drink, or it wouldn't be if I could get unsweetened soy milk. I don't know what they use to sweeten soy milk but it makes it taste like gum.

I should listen to Elvis Costello's Brutal Youth album--that one always feels like fall to me.

Twitter Sonnet #424

Springsteen curls convey a communal mind.
Bipedal brows beckon with a small hand.
Orange pulp balloons from the fantasy rind.
Electric rooms rain tickets on our man.
Tailless corn pins kernels of Harry Mudd.
Abalone abacuses slip by.
Damage destined downloads forget Paul Rudd.
Ravishing robots smile from the sky.
Wal-Mart lasers laminate nations.
Scissor pomegranate rots paper cup.
Nightly lacquered rocks distribute rations.
Chalky loaves of vampiric bread stay up.
Somnambulant Circle Ks sell dead pop.
Pig iron Plato builds a copper cop.

Tags: autumn, chess, chess garden, coffee, elvis costello, fall, lack of autumn, pumpkins, soy milk, starbucks
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