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The Agent without a Secret

I dreamt last night I was watching a new Secret Agent Super Dragon movie, the original Secret Agent Super Dragon being a 1966 Italian James Bond knock-off I first saw years ago on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. In my dream, the movie was new and I was watching it in a theatre. It was shot in a modern fashion, but the star was either the same guy, un-aged, or someone who looked just like him, but the female lead was Olivia Wilde. She seemed to be his girlfriend and, as in the original film, there was little tension between the leads and everyone was pretty bland.

The strangest thing about the movie in my dream was that nothing in it worked. It was a James Bond type film, with lots of gadgets, but all of them were clearly props. Even the phones weren't real, but all the characters pretended liked they worked. It wasn't a Get Smart sort of parody of a spy movie, there was no punch line to anything, it's just nothing worked. The disturbing part was the lack of security--when you watch a James Bond movie, you get used to seeing people in swimsuits or in otherwise ostensibly vulnerable positions acting very cool and confident as though they possess unseen abilities or are backed up by unseen henchmen and could in any case thwart any but the most extraordinary of assaults. That whole poise was based on a lie here. I remember one scene of Olivia Wilde coolly sunbathing next to a huge pool and nearby a group of giggling teenagers who'd just wandered into Super Dragon manor or wherever.

Tags: dreams, james bond, movies, mst3k, mystery science theatre 3000, olivia wilde, poise, ray danton, secret agent super dragon

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