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The Girl

The best orgasm I've ever seen on television. I guess it doesn't translate from the screenshot, but this dame cumming in "D-Girl", a second season episode of The Sopranos, was just really great. No screaming or thrashing--I mean she's pretty frenzied at first but the best is when she settles, straddling the guy. Not even necessarily realistic--she's not sweating or even flushed. She just looks supremely pleased. The guy, Christopher, almost looks more curious about her reaction than in his own moment.

And this is the first time I thought of Christopher, Michael Imperioli's character, as Christopher and not as Spider, his briefly lived, tragic guppy mobster character in Goodfellas. Mazel fucking tov, Christopher.

The buildup is so nice, too, as on their first meeting he coolly scares off a rowdy guy who'd been bumping into her at a nightclub. And right away I was thinking she was peculiarly gorgeous, sexy, and oddly familiar. But it wasn't until after I watched the episode that I looked up the actress.

Yeah . . . she's the little piano girl from Twin Peaks. So that felt a bit weird.

Anyway, I should say that my appreciation for The Sopranos has grown quite a bit. The story with Tony's mother was even interesting at the end of the first season, though I still mainly find her annoying. And I almost felt like the director was trolling us when after that great sex scene there was a cut to the elder Mrs. Soprano's chest and a pan up to her face. That's fucking mean.

I see there are a number of people involved with The Sopranos who would later be involved with Boardwalk Empire, most notably Terence Winter. But there's a life to The Sopranos that Boardwalk Empire didn't seem to have. Boardwalk Empire was good, but it felt so still, like a series of carefully arranged portraits. The Sopranos clips along at a nicely organic pace.

Twitter Sonnet #425

Steel hinged bacon opens the lung dressing.
Salads step back from all slave ownership.
Familiar police leapt from squash crossing.
Dirty cats retired a dealership.
Hops dripped with liquid spats happen to us.
Sixteen bit governor servers crash late.
Clicking sacks of Halloween cannabis.
Zemeckis zombies distribute bait.
Boring numbers scream for my attention.
Dancing anvils step on lemurs that dream.
Important tissue page pressed for mention.
I guess stale skittles will march home unseen.
Ants say, "Worlds change under patterns of sand."
Time tattoos doors for mushrooms on your hand.
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